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Angry, Funny And Not Real

You might have noticed, it’s not all serious anger over here at Angrymail.co only. Sometimes we can be fun. And so can angered email exchanges. Who cares if they’re not real at all. Here’s a couple of our favorite sources of hilarious furious email exchanges.


27b/6 sounds like a terrible address, but it is terrific comedy in the form of emails from satirist David Throne to people who were asking for it… or perhaps they weren’t. Who cares. Have a laugh. Be a mean person. Feel good about yourself anyway.


Ben Afleck’s Nanny Service email exchange doesn’t even pretend to be fake. Which is good. It’s funny, because it’s NOT true! (although we can imagine it being very true…)


Don’t Even Reply run by “Mike” posts exchanges between him and unsuspecting innocent people who dare to post classifieds ads online. “Mike” claims that’s not his real name and claims these are real exchanges. We, for one, don’t believe either of these two claims to be true. But we deem them funny anyway.



Nigerian Scam Emails – we all get them. But most of us don’t respond. And those that do respond are your granny. And that doesn’t really count. Sorry, granny. And then there’s the guy who decided to have a conversation with the senders, providing them with an ID scan with Nicholas Cage’s mugshot on it and what ensues is pure comedy gold.


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