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People are good,
angry mail is bad.

For thousands of years people have been sending angry emails, or so the legend claims. The legend being the one made up, of course. And it’s our goal to bring an end to this all. Or at least make you smile a bit more even when you’re angry. is the product of love and hate acquired over years of working with all sorts of people in all sorts of organizations. And probably bad parenting that damaged us, because you can always blame your parents for the things you do wrong, right?

Although is angry, we prefer to be calm, happy, smiling and patient. Just like you. We hope this little website helps us all be better humans if not only colleagues.

You don’t have to wait for
a bloody idiot’s e-mail to


The (not so) angry team

Radovan Andrej Grežo

Chief Anger Officer

Maybe it’s his childhood love for 12 Angry Men or years of working as a copywriter/creative director in ad agencies and business development director at a startup that made him think up this idea, write the copy and do a lot of other more or less useful things.

Balazs Szarka

Head of Furious Design

If pixels were bullets, a lot of people would’ve died due to Balazs’ precise craftsmanship. His anger might be also due to a few years of working for big ad agencies before going freelance. Or it might be due to the rainy weather in Bristol, UK where he’s based these days.

Jakub Novak

Anger Development Expert

Too young to be properly angry, except if he weren’t a developer with years of professional experience. He is, which not only made it simpler for him to code this whole thing together in a seamless way, but sadly also gave him already a million reasons to get red-mad in his young life.